Traveling with Books

Friday, March 13, 2015

This week, I am heading on a trip to the UK to check out grad schools, and I'm soooo excited for some reading time during all those plane, train, and bus rides. Reading a book while traveling is probably one of my favorite things about going on a trip! In fact I'd say it's an necessity. You have to be sitting on a plane for a long time or waiting for a train or resting your feet in a cafe after walking around or my personal favorite of avoiding conversations with the random person next to you. Yeah, it's pretty useful. The book is the ultimate traveling must-have!

But then I've ran into the tech-age old question: book or e-book? You see I am fairly new to the e-book world because I only just got an iPad to read them on. So this really wasn't a situation that I've run into yet. But while packing for my trip, I had this "oh no" moment where I had two books in one hand and my iPad in another, completely unsure of which route to go. I'm sure other book lovers have this problem too, and so I thought I would share my main benefits of taking each.

  • No distractions. No temptation to get sucked into mindlessly looking at blogs or scrolling through Tumblr.
  • Where else am I going to put my ticket without it getting lost?
  • If an e-reader battery dies, then I lose all my entertainment. I can't forget to charge a book!
  • Speaking of forgetting. If I leave my book on a train, it would suck, but I probably wouldn't sob angry tears like if I left an e-reader or iPad.
  • I just love having a physical book with me. There is something satisfying it.

  • One lightweight device full of e-books instead of trying to pack multiple heavy books because I have and I will.
  • The indecisive core of me can have many options to choose from based on my mood.
  • Durable-ish. My books tend to get a bit beat up rolling around in my bag. My iPad at least has a cover to protect it.
  • I have to take my iPad anyway do school work. So two for one?
  • Let's face it. I am going to walk into a bookstore at some point and buy a book anyway. It's just my nature. Might as well lessen that load by just reading an e-book in the mean time.

Which one do you guys like to take on trips: books or e-books? What are your random benefits for taking it?

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