Monthly Rewind: February

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Monthly Rewind is a monthly blog feature that looks back on each month, including a bit about each month from me, blog posts, books I've read over the month, and my five monthly favorites.

February was chaos. It just seemed like everything that could possibly happen this month did, and it all went by so fast. Like the Flash fast. Birthday fun, massive group project, getting into grad schools, car breaking down, work camping retreat: blinked and they disappeared. Probably just because things were sooooo busy but it seemed like february barely happened. But things look to be settling down. Well for a millisecond because I am off to look at grad schools in the UK next week (Yes!)

As for books this month, my enthusiasm for reading with all of the stuff I had to do we just: "eh." So I read a bit, but mostly enjoyed turning my brain off at the end of the day with tv.

Books read this month: 3
Silverwood, The Raven Cycle, Emissary
Book reviews: 1 (ha yeah)
Favorite book of the month: The Raven Cycle
Read and Run Challenge: Ha! I honestly forgot I was doing this, but I will try to make progress this month.

TV: Parks and Recreation
It's over! How? WHY? And that last season with everything between Ron and Leslie, I sobbed like no tomorrow. Actually the entire season tugged at my heartstrings in the best and worst way. Parks and Rec was such an amazing show, and I am going to miss it. I would totally recommend giving it a go if you haven't. The first season is a bit rough to get used to, but stick with it. The characters are amazing. It's so fun but heartwarming. Leslie Knope will become your hero. Then soon you will be an emotional post Park and Rec trash like me.

Food: Sparkling Water
I know, I know. As pretentious as that sounds as my favorite of the month, it's true! I tend to just drink water, coffee, smoothies for breakfast, and that's it! I don't like sodas because they taste so sweet and the whole being awful for you thing. So I never get that fizz. Well, until I started getting sparkling water as a treat. Do I sometimes feel silly buying water? Yep. Do I really love it. Hell yes!

Beauty/ Fashion: Essie Matte Nail Polish
I don't think I have ever painted my nails so much in one month. I love the way this matte top coat makes my nails look, especially over navy blue and army green.

Music: Soundtracks
Soundtracks are my go-to concentration music, and because of how this month went, they were my go-to staple music of the month. For me, I can't read with normal music because the words distract me. So exciting movie soundtracks keep me awake and focused without distracting me. My main soundtracks have been: Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Attack the Block, The Dark Knight, and Pacific Rim.

Person/Thing: Check, Please!
So when I said I was a bit lacks on reading this month that didn't include web comics. Really, I had never actually read web comics until this month, but I stumbled upon this one and loved it! Check, Please! is the story of Eric Bittle (or Bitty) and his adventures in college and on the school hockey team. You will love Bitty. He is amazing and he might have a pie baking addiction.  The rest of the characters are just too hilarious for words too. Plus I learned quite a few things about hockey that I never knew! Give the comic a shot!

How was February for you all? Any favorite you want to share?

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