I've Been Scarlet Nerded By You

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Who are you?
Hey there, future readers. I'm Steph! Living a life as an avid reader and TV and movie fan, my time gets taken up by minor freak outs via plot twists and favorite characters being killed off way before their time. But in those other rare moments, I am a college student studying Literary Studies, an major book enthusiast, a very amateur photographer (how does a camera work again?), and a general nerd over anything that interests me. I enjoy adventuring to hidden gem places, making a good old-fashioned mess of my kitchen, and trying to see a little extraordinary in the ordinary.
What does "Scarlet Nerded" even mean?
It is actually a quote from on of my favorite shows, MTV's Teen Wolf.  "I'm a nerd by association. I've been scarlet nerded by you."-Stiles Stilinski, Teen Wolf. Not only is Stiles one of my favorite characters ever, but I just fell in love with that phrase: "scarlet nerded." On the surface, it seems awful, like the word "nerd" is Hester Pryne's vicious A. And sometimes, it can be taken like that. However for me, I enjoy my nerdiness. So if I am to be scarlet nerded, well then I am going to rock that it! What a better way to do that then name my blog after it!
Currently obsessed with:
Patterned shorts, In The Flesh, rose gold, The Front Bottoms, floral prints, Niel Gaiman, Hawkeye comic series
Forever obsessed with:
The Goonies, any supernatural themed books, tv shows, or movies, cozy sweaters, 90s alternative, Teen Wolf, sushi, novelty coffee cups, Remus Lupin
What is this blog going to be like?
In all honestly, I'm not too sure yet. I plan on posting things on Monday and Thursday just to start out. I would like it to be a mix to everything that I like: a little book reviewing, a little fashion, a little cooking,  a little diy, and a little nerdy goodness. I have been reading blogs for a while, and they never really come out like they started. They evolve into something that both the readers and the writer likes. So I guess we both will just have to see.

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