Top Ten Inspiring Quotes from Books

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Top Ten Tuesday is a blog meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.

I love quotes! I am always a sucker for words that really pack a punch. I like to make note of quotes that are gorgeous or funny, so that I can look back on them later because there are just some quotes that leave me slightly out of breath and whispering, "Wow." So while only some of these quotes are "inspiring," they are ones that I really love and have made an impact on me. Warning that I am going to get a bit sentimental because sometimes that is what a good quote does.


So before I share some of my favorites from books, I want to share my favorite quote ever. It's from the TV show The Fades, and though it's said by a relatively unimportant character, it really caught my attention. I was struggling with managing my anxiety at the time, and it just applied so well to how I was feeling and how I wanted to live. It's a quote that has an impact on how I live my life daily and has become a sort of mantra for when I am feeling anxious.


I tend to hoard what I write. Very rarely my work sees the light of day. But I always loved this quote and the importance of it in writing. It's good to write by yourself, but feedback from others can make the work stronger. One day I will actually follow that advice!


I loved when Prof said this in Steelheart. In some books and movies, it gets glossed over, immediately jumping into action. Sometimes it happens in life too. I think it's really important to think of the consequences of actions. 


I really loved this quote because it applies to everyone all the time. It's not just about the coming out in an LGBTQIA sense. It's about that every person is constantly changing and reintroducing themselves over and over again. Life is just a massive series of redefining ourselves and having to coming out to friends and family as just slightly new people.


This is just soooooo true, right? Okay, so maybe it's not inspiring, but it is just so freaking true! When something happens, it really does feel like it all happens at once, no matter if it is good things or bad things. Plus it's Neil Gaiman so the words are gorgeous.


I love this quote! It really says something about the personal cages that people put themselves in. Also if you have never read Breakfast at Tiffany's, do yourself a favorite and read it. I do love the movie, but it has a completely different tone than the book. 


Lolita is a pretty messed up book, but it is my favorite exploration of the unreliable narrator and the way it is sort of a meta about reading and fiction. I also just love what the quote says about reading and how important the reader is in the experience.


Just such a gorgeous quote. The Monster in Frankenstein has such a place in my heart for the love of life and the way he was treated. This quote just shows how important life is.


This is part of a much larger speech by Ender about loving his enemy, but I really love this line specifically. It just makes me smile.


Oh Remus, Remus, Remus. Indeed, sometimes that does make you feel better when you are feeling down or moody. Especially when it's chocolate after facing dementors.

What do you think about these quotes? What quotes have made an impact on your life?

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  1. Such a great list, some really wonderful quotes. Always a fan of anything that comes out of Neil Gaiman's pen!

    1. Thanks! I definitely feel the same. That man knows how to weave the best stories and construct the most gorgeous sentences.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks! Me too! It was such a great book too.

  3. Rems Lupin - a man after my own heart. Offers chocolate. LOL

    Nice list of quotes.

    1. Haha yeah nothing better than some chocolate! Lupin knew the secret on how to make the world right! Thanks

  4. Ender's Game! I should have pulled a quote from that one. Great Stephen King and Brandon Sanderson quotes as well. And Remus! Love him!

  5. I like all, specially 1 and 7. And yes, chocolate for me is like a drug, I instantly feel better :)

  6. I do love the little moments Prof and David share together in Steelheart and Firefight. It's been a while since I read Steelheart (so I don't remember that exact quote) but the feels in their teamwork is pretty wonderful!

    Joey via. thoughts and afterthoughts.