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Saturday, March 7, 2015

I am in recovery mode. My head is a bit fuzzy, I don't want to do anything, and I feel like something's missing. All the signs are there. Yep, it's a book hangover.

Now ending a good book and a book hangover are two different things. With simply ending a book, you feel like you accomplished something, and while you liked the book and maybe wish there was more, you can go about your day and maybe even ride that reading high by picking up a new book later.

But with a book hangover, oh no, my friend, it is not that easy. You are unsure that you actually finished the book because it just keeps going in your cotton stuffed head. You feel the dull pain like someone punched you in the stomach a few hours ago. You have the same feeling like when you open the fridge and just stand there because you forgot what you came there to get. And these feelings last all day, sometimes more! Honestly, it is what I think a Dementor's Kiss probably feels like.

For me, I get typically get book hangovers in three scenarios: reading an amazing book too fast, reading a whole series too fast, or finishing the long awaited final book in a favorite series. Case in point: me right now. I chose to read an ARC of Ask the Dark which I was sort of iffy on but thought I would give it a shot, and then it just blew me away! I ended up reading it all in one night and couldn't sleep because I swore that every sound outside was a serial killer about to get me. And now I am a disaster!

And still after all of the book hangovers that I have faced, I still don't have any quick cures for it. Regular hangover I can do (sleep, water, spicy V8 juice, and lots of mindless tv), but I have discovered nothing for a book hangover. Do I jump right into another book? Do I take a three day breather? Do I have to drink some sacred tea while sitting in a bookstore? I have no idea. Eventually it will go away, but until then I am in recovery mode.

Do you get book hangovers? How do you cure them? Tell me you secrets!

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