Stuff and Things: Graduation and Moving

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Hey lovelies! I have been a bit MIA for the last two weeks. Busy and exciting things going on! Saturday before last, I graduated from college, and it was amazing and so rewarding! For the last few months, even days before, it never really feel like I was about to graduate. Really it wasn't until I was actually there with my friends waiting for the grad ceremony that it hit me that this was the last time I would see a lot of these people. I was going to miss these intelligent, obnoxious sweethearts of English majors who talked through entire ceremony, decorate our caps with dozens of lit and movie references, sent screaming monkey toys into the air instead of caps, and who put middle names such as "danger" and "bonerjams" in their announcements. It was an amazing day, and I am going to miss those punks. But I am excited to move on to the next part of my life adventure.

In non-sentimental news, I have moved back home for the summer, and I have been going through all my stuff and spending time with my family. And I have been going through A LOT of stuff. I didn't realize home much stuff I accumulated over the years, and because I can't take it over to Scotland for grad school, I have been trying to get rid of everything that is unnecessary. And maybe some necessary things. It's been rough. Also how did I get so many more books?! I have had to pile books on the floor. So I either have to go through books or by yet another books shelf... I have 5. Oh boy.

Well that is all, folks! I will be posting again starting a little later today, and I have a lot of backlogged reviews to post. Whoops! So have a good day!

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