Blog Resolutions 2015

Sunday, January 4, 2015

1. Book goal
Read 40 books? While I have plenty of time this semester with my light class load to read a bunch, I am starting grad school in the fall and I want to keep my goals realistic. So this number may be higher or lower in the end. However, I do have smaller goals within this larger goal.
- Read 2 nonfiction. I'm not really much of a nonfiction reader. Just generally not interested in real things and real people. Fictional people are so much cooler, right? Well, this year I decided to push myself a bit by reading just two nonfiction books. Just a little taste of something out of my comfort zone.
- Read 3 recommendations. I am the person who recommends but never reads what others recommend to me. It's not a great habit because once someone recommends a book to me it immediately becomes unappealing, even though I know it is a good book. I have a nice stack of recs from my sister that has only increased, and I should probably do something about it.
- Read one classic that I haven't read before. No Pride and Prejudice or Frankenstein rereads. Sorry self.
- Read 6 comics series and 2 graphic novels. I've become a pretty big comics fan in the past year, and this seems like it would be fun to share my thoughts on some series.
2. Participate in blog challenges
I plan on participating in a few reading challenges, but I will be putting up a post detailing them all.
3. Top Ten Tuesday
I love reading Top Ten Tuesday posts (a book meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish) but have never had the planning to do them ahead of time. This year I plan to do every one. Starting tomorrow! 
4. 365 Photo Challenge
I always want to take more pictures and challenging myself to take one each day for a year seems like a rough but fun effort. I will be posting these updates every Friday.
5. Read and Run Challenge
It seems cliché to do the whole "New Year, New You" workout resolution. Things like that never last, and we all know it! But I thought of a way that I could make it more manageable (and fun) for me! I created my own Read and Run Challenge: read 6 audiobooks but only while working out. The only while working out part is going to be the real challenge because I usually want to keep listening to an audiobook once I start. So using my audiobook love as encouragement to go to the gym might be a good motivation tool. I will be keeping up to date with how this goes and be reviewing the books that I listing to. If you try this, tell me how it goes!

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