Monthly Rewind: March

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Monthly Rewind is a monthly blog feature that looks back on each month, including a bit about each month from me, blog posts, books I've read over the month, and my five monthly favorites.

March was for the most part a pretty chill month. I got a lot of reading done, did a lot of school work and work work, and hung out with my friends. The usual. Then for spring break I when to the UK to check out some grad schools that accepted me so that I could decide which was the right fit. It was a great trip with a lot of walking and traveling, a lot of great food, and even a book festival that I just happened to be in town for. Here are a few pictures from my trip: 1) Drank lots and lots of tea on this trip. Even one while sitting by the Thames. 2) Okay I know this sounds weird as hell, but I love the graveyards in the UK. They just look so spooky and old while graveyards here in California look so cookie cutter. It's a weird thing. 3) This was the marquee tent at the Oxford Literary Festival, and I just loved all of the cute bunting and the books everywhere. 4) Saw this at The World's End in Edinburgh and thought it was hilarious!


Pretty sweet month I would say!

Books read this month: 4
Ask the Dark, Hinges, The Haunting of Sunshine Girl, Steelheart
Book reviews: 3
Favorite book of the month: Uh that's too hard this month because I read too many good books. It's a tie between Ask the Dark and Steelheart

TV: iZombie
iZombie just got started this month, and I am really digging it. When I first heard the premise of the show, I was not interested. I think it was the name that made me totally roll my eyes. But wow was a wrong. It's like a ya zombie cop show if that makes sense. Which is perfect for me because I love paranormal shows and i love cop shows. Win win, right? Also you can totally tell that Rob Thomas is behind it because it totally has a Veronica Mars feel to it. (If you don't know, he created Veronica Mars. Hence the vibe.) I know it has just started, but I am so into it. Give me more episodes!

Food: Tea
Tea and I have been best friends this month. I have been really loving Earl Grey and Gunpowder Green tea, which is surprising because I am not usually a fan of green teas. There is something just so comforting about a cup of tea to take a break with during a long day. Ah a moment of relaxation.

Beauty/ Fashion: Leather Sk8-Hi Slim Vans and Elizabeth and James's Black perfume
New love of my life: Leather Sk8-Hi Slim Vans. Oh man, they are just so pretty. I got them because I thought they would be much more comfortable than walking around in boots, and they totally were! They have these awesome zips in the back which make taking them off and on super easy too. Plus, did I mention they are pretty? Because they really are.

Another favorite is the Elizabeth and James's Black perfume. I don't normally wear perfume, and if I do, it's a very light scent. But I got a sample of this perfume, and I am obsessed. It smells warm and comforting, maybe a little like a guy's cologne but very subtle. I am almost out of my tester because I have been using it so much, which has never happened before.

Music: Ska and July Talk
Two bits of music that I have been obsessed with this month. The first is ska. I have always been a fan, but this month I went a bit nuts listening to it.  I just love all the different waves of ska from the popish punk of Reel Big Fish to what I like to label as very skater/stoner music of Sublime. Such an awesome genre with so much variety! It is just the combo on the bass and sometimes horns that just makes it so good! Particularly been loving listening to Streetlight Manifesto.

Just in the last week of this month, I found this band called July Talk, and wow are they addictive. I think their album was released earlier this month, and it's so good. The music is like this catchy but sometimes a little dark alternative combo. The two singers have this amazing pairing of a gruff male voice and light female voice. My description probably doesn't even do it justice but go give them a shot!

Person/Thing: Hawkeye Funko Pop Action Figure
Finally a Hawkeye Funko Pop figure! I love Hawkeye, and I have been waiting so impatiently for one of these figures. He is going to hang out with my little collection of Funko Pop toys in my favorite characters: Captain America, Starlord, Crowley from Supernatural, and Mikey from The Goonies. Now if I could get my hands on a Donald Duck figure...

How was March for you all? Any favorite you want to share?

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