Geek Drink: Kitsune Eyes

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

When I visited Rome with my sister, she spent two days convincing my to try a Campari spritzer, but she made the severe mistake of trying to describe the taste as "like medicine" which did not sound appealing at all to me.  (I mean how would that sound good?) However, on our second day after walking around the Vatican Museum for hours, we made took a nice break at a little cafe and got one. Thank goodness, it did not taste like medicine to me! It was refreshing and fruity (and not in the gross Jolly Rancher fruity way some liquors can go) and I was hooked!

So when I got back to California and my little seaside town, I was craving to make the drink at home. I have to admit Campari is a bit pricy for me ($26 for a bottle yikes!), but I use it so sparingly that I feel like I can make it last. The drink that I have ended up making is a mix of the Campari Orange and the Campari and Tonic into something I like to call: Kitsune Eyes.

I decided to call this drink Kitsune Eyes after one of my favorite characters from Teen Wolf, Kira Yukimura, who is a kitsune on the show. A kitsune is a supernatural fox and trickster spirit that comes from Japanese folklore. On the show, kitsunes have these golden-orange glowing eyes that reminded me of the color of this drink! Just so happens that I was watching Kira owning all of the boys on the lacrosse field yesterday, and so I thought why not name a drink after this awesome  and sometimes socially awkward kitsune who kicks butt!

Kitsune Eyes (serves one)
Orange Juice
Tonic Water
Half a lime

Fill a glass two-thirds of the way up with ice. Add two shots of Campari to the bottom of the glass. Pour in the orange just until the glass is about two-thirds of the way full and then top off with some tonic water. Stir the drink enough to mix the flavors but still leave the beautiful gradient effect.  Now for the lime, I sliced a wheel for a little garnish and squeezed the remainder into the glass to add a bit of sourness. If you are not a fan of sour, add an orange slice or even some strawberries. Finally pop a straw in, prop your feet up, and rewatch Kira's new skills on the lacrosse field!

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  1. Wow this looks delicious!!! I think I'll try it with soda water instead of tonic water to make it slightly less sweet and more refreshing for summer :) Thanks for sharing!